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Please let me share....
I recently had the opportunity to get a grounds tour of Paula Chamlee and Michael A. Smith's extraordinary creative sanctuary in Bucks County, PA, a place that will hopefully soon be home to Arts of Our Times. Paula and Michael have been vital members and contributors to the world of art and their work has been collected in over 150 museum world wide. 
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In my conversations and reflections with both of them, listening to their vision and plans, bearing witness to their passion and knowledge of the Art of Photography, it became clear to me this was going to be a very special place. 

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In 2003, Arts of Our Time, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization was formed in Bucks County, Pennsylvania for the purpose of fostering scholarship and creativity in photography and other arts. The art of photography will always be central to Arts of Our Time.

Arts of Our Time is planning to be a place open to the public as a forum for dynamic programs that further education in photography and other arts, as well as exhibitions, performances, and residencies. Plans include a research library, a space to enjoy musical performances, curated exhibitions and architectural tours.  

Paula Chamlee's Studio

Paula Chamlee's Studio

In order to realize the vision and complete the journey to opening the doors of Arts of Our Time, a fundraising effort has gone underway. If you would like to hear more about this project, please visit

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