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The Art of the Open Studio

Kirby Fredendall, Painter & Alex Damevski, Photographer present:
“New Work”, an Open Studio event, November 5th & 6th , 2016
The studios will be open from 11am-5pm daily at 1448 Street Road, New Hope, Pa
Opening Reception: Saturday, November 5th, 6 – 9:30pm and

I have been hosting an open studio nearly every year for 20 years. I do it for several reasons. 

An open studio provides a concrete goal. Working independently as an artist requires discipline. There is no boss in the studio telling you when to show up and when to go home other than yourself. An open studio requires new work. It requires enough work to occupy the walls in an aesthetically pleasing way. It requires publicity to get bodies in the door to enjoy the work. It is great motivation to set the date and work towards the goal.

An open studio is also a great way to assess what has happened for me artistically over the course of the year. It is hung much like a gallery show would be hung. I curate the work and stand back to assess what I have done with a fresh eye. And every pair of eyes that walks in the door does the same thing. Hopefully many of them share their perspectives with me. It is great opportunity for critique from fellow artists, friends, and patrons.

When I invite people into my studio they have a unique glimpse into the world in which I create. We talk about my work in person face to face. They ask me questions about materials, process, and inspiration. They hear the “story” of a painting and gain a deeper understanding of what they are seeing. If someone takes the next step to become a client, they have a richer understanding of what they are buying and how it came into existence. We make a sale - and we form a relationship. 

In many ways, it is like a final exam or paper…a summary of my year as an artist…with wine of course.
Kirby Fredendall

Fredendall is a formally trained artist who attended Duke University. Her new body of work depicts recent landscapes inspired by Friend’s Lake in the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York. These images represent a dramatic departure for Fredendall who has been successfully showing her abstractions for many years.

Damevski is a Yugoslavian photographer who immigrated to the United States. He attended Syracuse University and later attended Temple University for his graduate work. A painting, a song, a memory, or a person. Memories around photography as a child in a new country inspired Damevski deeply and the affinity for photography has never left him.