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The Ten Thousand Flower Project

I had the pleasure to meet with an incredibly creative and globally engaged mind the other day... Meet Tim Gibson...


Tim is an artist to whom art is an extension of his adventurous outlook on life. He traveled the US in a motor home with his family for the first seven of his life. This helped to shape his identity and later defined his perception of what's "normal". Other adventures he engaged in included riding his bicycle at age 14 from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia and skateboarding 600 miles from Washington DC to Ottawa, Canada.

Tim has decided to give back to his community of fellow world citizens with his
Ten Thousand Flowers Project 


Tim’s vision is to raise awareness and bring communities together by creating one giant mural, stretching over a mile long and filled with ten thousand colorful flowers. To make it even more unique, this massive mural will be split into hundreds of interconnecting parts, much like a giant jigsaw puzzle, but created in over one hundred communities across the US, from Florida to Alaska. And the best part is, each mural will be painted by dozens of local volunteers in each of these communities.

Tim is currently planning for his first “flower tour" this coming summer, when he will travel down the East coast, working with community members on creating lasting works of art, and more importantly, lasting communities of friends.

On March 23rd, the Ten Thousand Flowers Project presents a one night only event.

Hosted at the venue sponsor, Stacks Co. in Doylestown, the exhibition dubbed “Sprout” plans to raise funds for the upcoming east-coast mural tour as well as provide a fun social gathering in which Tim will debut over 50 new canvases. Each original piece will be part of a silent auction. Attendees will have the opportunity to  view or purchase Tim’s artwork and learn more about the Ten Thousand Flowers Project.

TTFP_STACKSCO SHOW__Sprout_ postcard-02.png

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact Tim through his website